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What Recession? Here Are NYC's 10 Most Expensive Listings

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We know, we know?there isn't enough expensive real estate in New York City. So we've decided to go ahead and compile this list of the 10 most expensive listings available right now. Man, this list has got it all: elevators, parlors, ballrooms, French Gothic interiors, Lehmans, Woolworths, a retractable roof, and even Jean-Georges! Let us begin:

1) Address: 150 West 56th Street
Asking Price: $100M
The Skinny: Robert De Niro’s son is really under a lot of pressure to outdo and impress his dad, so he just recently listed this $100,000,000 penthouse condo located in Midtown. With the description of the space using words like "Versailles," "deep soaking," "electronically time-controlled shades," and "mahogany," we're pretty sure this one is bound to be picked up by a Russian magnate of some kind.

9) Address: 15 Central Park West
Asking Price: $95M
The Skinny: Guess what! If you’ve been looking to buy into famed apartment building 15CPW, now’s your chance. The space is two apartments combined, 35A and B. So hey, you’re getting rid of any potential pesky neighbor for only $95,000,000. Yolo.

8) Address: 50 Central Park South
Asking Price: $95 million
The Skinny: This one's actually a tie with the $95M property at 15 Central Park West, but this one is already completely finished. The owner?a ballroom dancing enthusiast who added a ballroom to the place?completed a $7 million renovation after purchasing the apartment for $19.95 million.

7) Address: 4 East 80th Street
Asking Price:$90M
The Skinny: Are you in the mood to own a former home of a legendary New York retail magnate? Are you looking for French Gothic design from wall to wall in a 19,950-square-foot home? Then Frank Woolworth’s 1916 mansion seems to be calling your name. It has massive fireplaces, parlors, a dining room with seating for 50, and a service kitchen in the basement. If you’re looking to play a live-action version of Clue, all you need is $90M and various weapons to make it happen.

6) Address: 828 Fifth Avenue
Asking Price: $72M
The Skinny: If you just have to live across from the Central Park Zoo and can’t have less then 20 rooms in your home, then it’s time you looked into 828 Fifth Avenue. It has eight beds and 10.5 baths and is modeled on the inside to resemble a palace. It even has a ballroom!

5) Address: 7 West 54th Street
Asking Price: $65M
The Skinny: Hate Midtown? Would a dizzying, beautiful staircase, a view of MoMA, and a glass-encased rooftop area with a retractable roof entice you to move there anyway? For $65 million, this mansion in the middle of New York's tourism hotspot can be yours. Originally owned by the son of the founder of Lehman Brothers, this home makes it easy to laugh in the face of a global recession.

4) Address: 25 East 77th Street
Asking Price: $60M
The Skinny: Perched on top of The Mark on 25 East 77th street is a 9,799-square-foot penthouse with six bedrooms, eight baths, and a living room with a 26-foot ceiling. If high ceilings and state of the art amenities don’t make you want to spend $60M, then maybe having a Jean-Georges run restaurant downstairs will. No? Well, one of the listing pictures is of a bike, so maybe that's included. So what if sales have had trouble getting off the ground?

3) Address: 50 Central Park South
Asking Price: $50M
The Skinny: We're sorry, but we aren't spending $50 million for superfluous color. We want clean, white walls with everything else white?think "Asylum Chic." The folks at the Ritz-Carlton's 50 Central Park South get where we're coming from and have outfitted this two-bedroom, four-bathroom, 4,537-square-foot apartment with mainly all white everything. Just please ask your children to keep their sticky hands to themselves and not touch our clean walls, thankyouverymuch.

2) Address: 944 Fifth Avenue
Asking Price: $50M
The Skinny: Architectural Digest loved this apartment, and maybe you will, too, if you have $50 million! It's got six bedrooms, 6.5 baths, 30 windows and 70 feet overlooking Central Park.

1) Address: 25 Columbus Circle
Asking Price: $50M
The Skinny: So you've got $50 million, want to live in the Time Warner building, and want to own a Jacuzzi tub that has a support pillar running through it? Then 25 Columbus Circle #75A is for you! It's got three bedrooms, 5.5 baths and a Lalique-designed powder room. But seriously, a support pillar goes through a Jacuzzi. It's kind of...awesome.
?Robert Aquino
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50 Central Park South

50 Central Park South, New York, NY