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The Real Estalker reported today that Justin Timberlake's Soho Mews penthouse, which he purchased in 2010 for $6.5 million, has "been semi-covertly available ... for at least 71 days" asking $7.65 million. If that's true, semi-covertly may be an understatement, as we can't find a listing anywhere on the internet. $7.65 million is the exact amount that the apartment was listed for before Timberlake bought it, so it's possible that someone stumbled across an old listing, however, 71 days is such a specific number that it's making us curious. Does The Real Estalker know something that we don't? Do you? If so, let us know via the tipline, and we will be eternally grateful. UPDATE: A commenter helpfully points out that the apartment is indeed listed by The Bouklis Group, via the New York Times real estate section. [Real Estalker; previously]

311 West Broadway

311 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013