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Experience the Full Gestalt at Z Hotel in Queens

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It took a looooong time (four years after scheduled) for Z Hotel in Long Island City to get to the point where it was accepting guests last summer. The Andre Kikoski-designed hotel promised to deliver a "Gansevoort Hotel-like vibe" within its "razor-thin 75,000 square foot tower." Along the way, however, Andres Escobar took over the interior design of the hotel and delivered "an amalgam of Jazz Age gestalt, European flair and a transit theme."

The transit theme seems rather obvious upon entry into the lobby. There's a large mural of the City Hall subway station at reception and an old school flipping metal shutter arrivals/departures board above the elevator bank. The Jazz Age is represented in the furnishings and murals of Billie Holiday and the Rockettes gracing guest rooms. European flair may be represented by the free provision of bikes to guests who'd like them so one can tootle around Hunters Point on two wheels, although Newtown Creek and the Dutch Kill aren't exactly the canals of Amsterdam. We're not sure about the jelly jar light fixtures hanging over the beds in the guest rooms. That may be Queens representing in the mix.
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