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Prime Minister of Qatar Buys UES Mansion for $47 Million

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In the era before $95 million became this city's new magic number, Aby Rosen's mansion at 22 East 71st Street was NYC's most expensive listing at $75 million. Not only that, but the building?for which Rosen paid $15.65 million in 2004?was a fixer-upper, since several floors had been in use as offices. Rosen turned down a few offers in the $60+ million range, but gradually chopped the price all the way down to $50 million. Then, in May, the place came off the market, and Page Six hears that it has sold?to Sheik Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al-Thani, prime minister of Qatar.
The Post hears that the sheik (who used an LLC for the purchase, of course) paid $47 million for the mansion, where Rosen threw parties but never actually lived. Given what we know of the sheik's house hunt, it seems like a reasonable buy: he was rejected by the co-op boards at Denise Rich's place and Huguette Clark's place, and he opted not to buy the penthouse at One57 because the two elevators couldn't accommodate his entourage. Nix the co-ops, eliminate the elevator buildings, and what's left? A pricey UES townhouse sounds like the right fit.

Here's the floorplan:

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