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Seeking $3,000 To Build an Easier-to-Use Craigslist

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To be honest, we don't think the ugliness of the posted listings is the main problem with Craigslist. But we could see how more design-minded folks might disagree. The people behind the Beautiful Craigslist Ads Kickstarter, for example, would like the ads on everyone's favorite rental search service to be clearer and more standardized. They're seeking $3,000 to launch a free tool that would essentially be a Craigslist template: "Anyone creating an apartment listing can use our free, online wizard, answering questions that we've highlighted as really important to you. We then produce a listing that can be used on Craigslist (or anywhere else!)." Sounds useful enough, but think of all the great brokerbabble that will be lost to us.
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