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How's Your 'Hood Feeling? Check NYC's Mood Map

This infographic from hipster-driven social media app Wyst charts the overall mood of New York's neighborhoods based on self-reported icon-based mood indicators, which are limited to Happy, Fun, Sad, Flirty, Drunk, Surprised, and Angry. Based on recent information, the East Village is the drunkest nabe in New York while South Williamsburg is the Flirtiest. Sounds like the Williamsburg Bridge is about to become hook-up central. FiDi is the angriest neighborhood in town, but it looks like there's a mean streak running from Kips Bay down through StuyTown and Alphabet City, who are probably pissed at all their Intoxie neighbors. Poor Clinton Hill is manifesting the highest level of sadness in NYC. If you're over in that sad sack neighborhood, give someone a cheerful hug.

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