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Zeckendorf Towers Offers Combo Unit for $3.8M

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Unit G20E, a 3BR, in Zeckendorf Towers has been on the market for over a month now, asking $2.799 million. When unit G20D, a 1BR that previously belonged to Spanish model Almudena Fernandez, hit the market a couple days ago, someone figure, "why not combine them?" and so they did. Or, rather, they formulated a plan to. The combined unit, which is asking $3,799,000 would take D's living room, make it a master bedroom, and turned the kitchen into another bath. Then, with its two additional bedrooms, E would no longer have to claim that the corner of its living room is a bedroom. Everybody wins! The apartments would be connected via walk-through closet, which sounds even less good when you realize that it appears to be the only closet in either apartment. Luckily, at 2,200 combined square feet, you'd have plenty of room for lots of dressers and wardrobes. Or you could just turn one of the 4.5 baths (seems excessive) into your clothes bathroom (or a huge walk-in closet, if that's more your speed.) That's what brokers refer to as "flexibility."

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Zeckendorf Towers

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