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1030 Fifth Avenue Co-op Listed For $16.5 Million

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1030 Fifth Avenue, one of the Upper East Side's priciest co-op buildings, has already had two sales this year—a sixth-floor 4BR that went for $15.5 million in May and a ninth-floor 6BR that Zachary and Lori Schreiber, having already tired of the $10 million 15 CPW apartment they'd bought in 2008, paid a whopping $31.5 million for in April. All that is to say that this unit, a fifth-floor 4BR complete with herringbone floors and two wood-burning fireplaces should probably get pretty close to its $16.5 million ask. Could this be the second chance Matt Damon has been waiting for?

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1030 Fifth Avenue

1030 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY