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Best Living Room Ever Seeks $20 Million, Dali Not Included

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Although the Daily News has already anointed it "the greatest living room in the history of New York City" the jury is probably still out on the enormous showroom in 44 West 77th Street #13E, which was just put on the market for $20,000,000. On paper, it has a pretty strong case: floor-to-ceiling (24 feet high) windows with views of the Natural History Museum, an eight foot tall 17th century stone fireplace imported from the Iberian Peninsula, Corinthian columns, artistically painted Venetian plaster ceiling, etc. In photos it's...maybe a little much? The owners have certainly put a lot of work into it, having had it meticulously restored to their very particular tastes four years ago—and have apparently been hosting huge parties ever since—and are hoping that it will incite someone to pay 400 percent of what a 3BR in the building typically goes for.

The building's biggest sale to date was this February, when a 3BR on the 10th floor sold for $6.5 million. That apartment, of course, while quite impressive, did not contain the greatest living room in the history of human civilization. When it comes down to it, who really knows how much #13E could sell for? (Remember: "Pricing apartments today, it's, uh, not a science.") It's pretty safe to say that the target demographic is unspeakably wealthy art collectors/dealers, so even if you're willing to shell out the full $20 million, you should probably be prepared to stock it with at least another $20 million worth of art. The listing even has some suggestions, calling it the "ideal stage for any avid art collector to showcase pieces ranging from Picasso and Dalí to Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst." Yeah! Bring your Picasso! You know, if you have one.
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