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Hamptons House May Be Postmodern, Is Definitely Nice

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We profile one fun weekend home every Sunday, courtesy of Curbed Hamptons...

Location: Westhampton
Price: $1,650,000
Size: 5BR, 4.5BA, 3,800 sq. ft.

One of life's great challenges is trying to figure out what people are talking about when they use the word "postmodern." This house is no exception. What makes it postmodern, exactly? The fancy windows? For some reason, we're leaning toward the fancy windows. However postmodern it may or may not be, though, it is definitely a very nice house, with very large rooms and an even larger pool. We do have to question the wisdom of putting a basketball hoop on an elevated porch, however, especially when there appears to be a substantial amount of driveway and/or quiet street right in front of the house. But maybe that's just the postmodern way to play basketball.
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