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Here's What's Coming to St. Vincent's Old 555 Sixth Avenue

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The first piece of the shuttered St. Vincent's to find a buyer was 555 Sixth Avenue, which changed hands in summer 2010. The buyer, Stonehenge Partners, announced plans to gut renovate the building and take it rental, with two added floors featuring larger apartments and terraces. A tipster informed us that renderings of the redone building were up on the site's scaffolding, and they're also on the Stonehenge website. Above, the new 555 Sixth Avenue, which will have 180 units, according to the retail listing. No glimpse yet of the lounge with a reflecting pool.

The available retail space totals 18,000 square feet, takes up the entire block between 15th and 16th streets, and is available for a 10-year lease. The ad on Stonehenge's site says a retailer can take possession in the first quarter of 2013, which gives us a clue about the building timeline. (According to StreetEasy, residential leasing starts late this year.) Here's a closeup on that retail space rendering:

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555 Sixth Avenue

555 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY