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Imagining a New Look for New York City's Ugliest Building

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Welcome back to Redesign the City, a feature in which former Curbed intern and architecture student William Weber reimagines how NYC neighborhoods and buildings could be improved or how they might look in the future. Have a building you want us to re-envision? Want to submit a rendering? Please be in touch.

Other Verizon-related buildings have gotten makeovers, but poor 375 Pearl Street has been left untouched, despite popular opinion labeling it one of the ugliest buildings in New York City (and archicritic Paul Goldberger calling it one of the city's "most disturbing" phone buildings). That wasn't supposed to happen: a glassy new look was on the table before the economy made it impractical. Then the building sold in early 2011, and new owner David Sabey decided he likes the existing gray, narrow-windowed look. Former Curbed intern and architecture student William Weber doesn't, so he imagined the above alternative.

The proposal is a little simpler than the glassy Cook + Fox design of those pre-recession months. This one calls for replacing the windowless facade with a continuous curtain wall. Here's another view:

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375 Pearl Street

375 Pearl Street, New York, NY