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Cornerspotted: Nurses Home at Kings County Hospital

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[The view of the Nurses Home at Kings County Hospital from the opposite side, facing east]

This week's Cornerspotter guessers were certainly on the mark in identifying the building as a hospital, but which one? Less well known than its cousins in Manhattan, Kings County Hospital is one of the largest hospital facilities in New York and was founded more than 175 years ago. The building above is the Nurses Home at the western edge of the hospital complex along Clarkson and New York Avenues. It was completed around 1941 and in intervening years another building has been placed close by it to the east, making the view from this angle impossible. Commenter exvelveteen was the first to nail the building, although others chimed in shortly thereafter with confirming details. In the background behind the Nurses Home, one can see gas storage facilities parked right in the middle of Brooklyn. Those tanks are now gone, but a BP gas station remains on the lot they occupied. As per the hint, Kings County Hospital is not far from Prospect Park and the location of Ebbets Field when the photo was taken. Thanks for playing!
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