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Kansas City NFL Coach Buys in NYC, For Some Reason

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Romeo Crennel really likes New York City apartments. The only problem is that he can never seem to get a job here (not since 1999, anyway.) In 2003, when he bought a $430,000 Murray Hill pad, he was with the New England Patriots, which is at least in the same part of country, and was also considered to be in the running for the Giants head coach position. Now that he's signed a three year contract to coach the Kansas City Chiefs, he has—oddly—decided it's time to buy again, purchasing a $1.275M Yorkville 2BR. Crennel is either very optimistic about eventually getting hired by the Giants or Jets or he doesn't see himself lasting too long in Kansas City. (Or he's just doing some investing.) Out of curiosity, let's take a look at what the same amount could have gotten Crennel in the city where he actually lives and works.

Those look nice.
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