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How Much to Pay for Co-op Homeowner's Insurance?

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It's another installment of Ask Curbed, the feature in which you both ask?and, in the comments, answer!?each other's questions. Got a question of your own? Send it along to

An East Village resident writes in to the Curbed tipline wondering about the price of homeowner's insurance for a co-op these days. Here, we'll let this co-op owner explain his own situation:

I live in an East Village co-op that was built in the '20s. Standard plaster walls and hardwood parque floors?good condition, but nothing fancy. I believe my apartment was renovated in the early aughts?everything still looks pretty new, but it was done on the cheap side.

I know for a co-op, you're responsible for walls in. The Streeteasy thread I found estimates of a base of $400 per sq. ft. for pre-war buildings, however, I think they're talking about Park Avenue co-ops, which mine is definitely not. My apt is under 500 sq ft and I bought it for under 500k.

I'm trying to get an accurate per sq. ft. estimate for the walls and floors as well as bathroom and kitchen estimates that would make up my "dwelling" portion of the coverage should, say, the entire apartment burn down. I've reached out to my management company and they haven't responded so far. Our Ask Curbed questioner also plans to ask neighbors, but in the meantime, any advice from the trenches?
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