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Parking Valets to the Rescue of Pier 40, Hudson River Park?

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Douglas Durst has a plan to save Pier 40 and the Hudson River Park that the crumbling waterfront complex is dragging underwater: valet parking. Durst, who is the chairman of Friends of Hudson River Park, is proposing that a smaller valet-serviced parking facility be put in place at Pier 40 in order to free up 500,000 square feet of space at the 15 acre pier for commercial use. The Post reports that Durst scoffs at the idea that Pier 40 could be ready for residential use in a manner timely enough to save itself, and that reconfigured parking and commercial leasing is the way to go. The Hudson River Park Trust needs an ongoing source of revenue to support the park, but lately Pier 40 has been a cash drain and necessary improvements to the pier threaten to bankrupt the entire park.
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