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Second NFL Coach In As Many Days Buys UES Apartment

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What is going on here? Yesterday, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel paid $1,275,000 for a Yorkville apartment. Today, former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher bought a 2BR in Lenox Hill's The Royale for $2,650,000 ($250,000 off the apartment's asking price.) Cowher, who retired in 2009, has stated that he has no plans of coaching in the NFL again, so the only explanation we can think of is a professional rivalry that's gotten way out of control. "Hey, Romeo, what's your career winning percentage? .388? Oh, that's cool, mine's .623. Hey, Romeo, I heard you just bought an apartment in the East 80s. That's cool, I just bought an apartment in the East 60s for twice as much money. What's that? Is my family going to move with me? Uhhh..."



"You win this time, Cowher. But this is only the third quarter. Of life."
-Romeo Crennel
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