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Corporate Bank Listens to Community, Plants Flowers

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Today in good neighbor news: a Capital One bank on Court Street in Carroll Gardens replaced its drab asphalt courtyard with a flowering garden after neighbors complained. A few months ago, one neighbor griped about the ugly non-landscape to local blog Pardon Me for Asking: "It is such a shame that they just do the cheapest, ugliest thing possible with that garden space rather than beautify it. To me it shows a disregard and disrespect for the neighborhood." After that, PMFA posted photos of the eyesore lot, and clearly the bank took notice of the neighborhood's dissatisfaction. The blacktop has now been replaced with fresh soil, shrubs, flowers, and a brick walkway leading to the door. We'd like to think that all corporate neighbors are this considerate, but then we'd be delusional.

· Courtyard Improvement: Capital One Listens to Carroll Gardens Community [PMFA]