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Don't Want to Share That Timeshare Yard? Buy it for $6.5M

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The empty lot at 145 Ludlow Street has been, for a summer and a half now, home to a timeshare backyard, rentable in $100 hourly blocks each weekend. The lot includes a grill, lounge chairs, trashy magazines, and "luxury grass." And maybe that sounds so enticing that you'd like to own the whole thing, just for yourself, for all time. Yes? Then you're in luck, because according to StreetEasy, the lot is on the market for $6.5 million. (There's a confusing old listing and delisting and a prior price of $5.8M, but the $6.5M price appears to be current.)
When the summer ends, the grill gets put away, and the luxury grass browns, you could also build an eight-story mixed-use building on the lot. There's a maximum usable floor area of 13,064 square feet, and the brokerbabble makes it sound like there are approved plans for 12 apartments and one commercial space. The neighbors were not thrilled with the timeshare yard concept. Would they prefer new construction?
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