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CUNY's Fiterman Hall Near WTC Ready to Welcome Students

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While all eyes have been watching the new towers rise at the World Trade Center, other, smaller buildings that were damaged downtown have been quietly resurrecting and remaking themselves over the last decade. CUNY's Fiterman Hall, a Borough of Manhattan Community College building, was irreparably damaged during the September 11 attacks, and it had to be decontaminated and razed before a new building could be constructed. Now, the new Fiterman Hall designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners is ready to welcome its first students this fall. The 400,000-square-foot brick and glass structure is 14 stories tall, and cost $325 million. The prefabricated brick panels nicely contrast the large glass windows, a styling feature that AN Blog delves into here.

The new building has a first-floor art gallery and café, plus 80 classrooms and computer laboratories, offices, library and meeting spaces, music ensemble rooms, and a rooftop conference center. It faces the World Trade Center and Memorial Park, and the Jeff Koons sculpture "Balloon Flower (Red)" sits in a fountain on the entrance plaza.

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