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MePa Condo Gets the Most Fun Construction Netting Ever

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If construction fencing can beautified, why can't the drab black netting be easier on the eyes, too? Oh wait, it can! A new condo building going up at 345 West 14th Street commissioned acclaimed Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama to create a giant replica of her black and yellow spotted "Yellow Trees" painting on the netting that will cover the building. The 120-foot tall artwork coincides with the artist's exhibit at the Whitney, and it will remain up through September 30. While many public art displays on construction sites are part of the city's Urban Canvas project, this exhibit was planned and paid for by the developer, DDG Partners. Here's hoping that the netting doesn't rip within the first week and become a ratty mess.

The condo building also has a teaser website up, and it looks like it's going by the name "345 Meatpacking." DDG Partners also unveiled a few new renderings, better showing the cornice, stepped terraces, and facade. We like it!

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345 W14th Street, New York (Meatpacking Dist), NY 10011