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Which Broker Did a Better Job Listing This Park Ave Co-op?

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Welcome to our new feature where we take a co-exclusive listing (an apartment listed by two brokers from different agencies) and ask the question: Who Listed It Better?

The fifth floor of 800 Park Avenue has been on the market, on and off, for almost a year now. It was asking $14,000,000 when it was featured in a Swank-Off way back in October. When we checked in on the Swank-Off contestants seven months later it had gone AWOL. Now it's back, the price has been chopped to $12,500,000, and the owners have decided that two brokers are better than one, which leads us to ask the eternal question: Who Listed It Better?

Sotheby's Stribling
Overview "This twelve room apartment is perfectly balanced with intricate wood paneling in the living room, dining room and library. Each of the rooms is spacious and each has unusually large well placed windows." "Elegance and comfort abound in this very special apartment with all major rooms facing East on Park Avenue and where all the fine original architectural details have been meticulously and painstakingly restored."
The Gallery "The entrance gallery has three antique leaded glass casement windows which enables the light to stream through the apartment for almost the entire day." "One enters from the private elevator landing into a 22 ft. gallery with lead-paned windows."
The Enfilade "There is an enfilade of rooms - library, living room and dining room..." "The adjacent gracious living room with a wood-burning fireplace, large windows and intricately-carved boiserie opens through beautiful arched double doorways into a panelled library and the dining room creating a dramatic enfilade of rooms and great entertaining space."
Summary "This charming apartment is grand but intimate, cozy and refined. It has an establishment look with a fresh interpretation." "There are oversized windows and numerous generous closets throughout this light, desirable, and wonderfully proportioned apartment."

This is sort of a tough one! Sotheby's seems to be pacing itself in the beginning, using measured words like "balanced," "spacious," and "unusually large." Stribling, on the other hand, just goes for it with the thing about the details being "meticulously and painstakingly restored" but fails to keep the pace when discussing the gallery. That means that the battle hinges on the enfilade, which—we'll be honest—we had to look up what that word even means. Apparently Sotheby's did too because they frankly dropped the ball with "There is an enfilade of rooms." Thanks a lot, Sotheby's. We're all asleep now after reading the world's least exciting description of an enfilade. That's why, despite Sotheby's making up a little ground in the summary, we're going to have to go with Stribling. Congratulations, Stribling. Don't let it go your head.

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