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Old Paint Factory Could be New Queens Condo Development

For seven years, a developer has been trying to turn the old Chilton Paint Factory at 109-09 15th Avenue in College Point into a 134-unit condo building, but so far, nothing has happened at the site. The original permits expired in 2008, a three year extension was granted in 2009, but still, no action. Now, the Times Ledger reports that the developer has filed another request to extend the permits. The article doesn't name the developer, but the most recent filings with the DOB list Henry Lam of Waterfront Resort, Inc. as the owner of the property. Lam took over the property in 2007, and this ownership switch coupled with the recession caused a delay.

No new plans are available, but the original 2005 plans calls for a six-story, 134-unit condo building with 139 parking spaces. Fourteen would be three-bedroom, 68 would be two-bedroom, and 52 would be one-bedroom apartments. The exterior of the factory would be kept in tact, but the inside would be altered to connect the building to two new six-story structures.
· Vision Revived for 134-Unit College Pt. Condo [Times Ledger via Real Deal]

Chilton Paint Factory

109-09 15th Avenue, Queens, NY