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Today In Disgusting Rat Infestation News

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Desperate to reduce the number of rodents swarming in the subways, the MTA has pulled ten trash cans from stations (three each in Manhattan and Queens, two each in the Bronx and Brooklyn) because if there are no trash cans, then...there will be no trash? Sounds like a solid plan. People definitely aren't going to throw their garbage on the ground or the tracks now. People definitely don't do that already. This is going to be good.

In other rat-related news, the West 76th Street Block Association put up "Rat Xing" signs at perpetual construction site 52 West 76th Street [photo by Joseph Bolanos, via Gothamist]. Block Association president Joseph Bolanos told reporters that one of his neighbors had recently stepped on a rat, which was "alarming for her and the rat." He hopes to shame the city into doing something about the infestation. Even if that doesn't work out, the signs look like they were fun to make.
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