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Nets Eye Joe Sitt-Owned Red Hook Site for Practice Facility

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The Brooklyn Nets will make their debut at the Barclays Center next month, but the team will still be practicing in New Jersey. Management has been searching for a practice facility and offices closer to the team's new home, and Crain's reports that they are considering a 660,000-square-foot site at 280 Richards Street in Red Hook. Owned by developer Joe Sitt, the site in question is the former Revere Sugar Refinery on the waterfront between Ikea and the Fairway. Sitt, whose company Thor Equities bought the land in 2008 for about $24 million, has shown the site to all sorts of developers over the years; most recently, he had been proposed with the idea to turn it into an outlet mall. Other ideas included a BJ's Wholesale store and a student housing complex.

Crain's notes that the site is large enough to accomodate much more than a practice facility?Madison Square Garden has a 105,000-square-foot facility for three different teams. A spokesperson for the Nets wouldn't confirm they visited the site, only saying that the team is currently looking around.
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