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Your Brooklyn Pool Problems Are Solved for the Right Price

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Are you a Williamsburgher who has been sweltering throughout this hot summer, but unable to hit a neighborhood pool after a spate of scary news stories about what goes down at the newly re-opened McCarren Park pool? Cower no more, because you can gain admittance to the outdoor saltwater pool at the King & Grove Williamsburg hotel. $45 gets you a day pass, where cabanas and menus replace pat downs and pooldeck prohibitions. The K&G paints a pleasant picture:
Our three season salt water pool is one of the largest outdoor swimming pools in New York, offering the perfect urban retreat with 4,800 square feet of deck space for lounging and dining. The poolside menu features a selection of cocktails, wine and beer, with a light-fare menu.The pool is closed to the public and hotel guests today and Saturday for private events, but that still leaves a fair amount of Labor Day weekend available. HotelChatter recommends signing up early, or you'll find yourself at the back of the line over in McCarren Park.
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