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Dekalb Market Can't Find New Home, Won't Reopen This Fall

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When Dekalb Market announced in June that it was being booted from its current location to make way for City Point construction, managing firm Urban Space said they would find a new home so the dozens of local vendors would still be in business. But this is proving harder than it seems. Apparently there aren't many places in New York that can fit and/or willingly take 60 shipping container stores. The Brooklyn Paper reports that many of the vendors are peeved that the market won't exist for the holidays, the biggest time of year for sales. Still, it seems that poor management has been a chronic issue for the vendors. Spotty electricity and weekend parties that barred shoppers during peak times have made many vendors decide not to work with Urban Space again.

On top of that, Urban Space is facing a new crop of problems at its forthcoming Meatpacking District market. The site was recently issued a Stop Work Order because the wooden food and retail stalls were being built without permits. While the permit issue has been resolved, it still doesn't help the firm's PR, given the discontent at Dekalb. Nevertheless, Urban Space is still searching for a new location for the Brooklyn market.
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