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Union Square GEM Hotel is Having An Identity Crisis

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The forthcoming GEM Hotel, if that's what it's called, on West 13th Street near Union Square is becoming a rather confusing development. HotelChatter reports that designer Atelier & Co. is calling the project both the GEM Hotel and the Jade Hotel. Official city hotel development records call the project Jade Hotel Greenwich Village, which is the name the hotel's own website advertises, which only adds to the confusion, since it's not in Greenwich Village. On the designer's website, the project page is titled "Jade Hotel" but says GEM Hotel in the description and on the rendering. Yeesh!

On top of this marketing confusion, Hotel Chatter points that an article in Elite Traveler only mentions the name Jade Hotel. Aside from the name thing, the article says the hotel will open this fall at $400 a night, there will be a library cove off of the lobby, and guest rooms will be decked out with 1920s French decor.

From Elite Traveler:

Shades of crimson, blue and gold fill each guestroom with bedframes and desks made of Makassar ebony. The Jade incorporates hints of the past with a functioning vintage rotary telephone on every bedside table. The bathrooms have black-and-white "subway" tiles and European-style dual-flush toilets.Higher floor rooms will have private terraces, and the second floor rooms will share a terrace with garden trellis dividers. The hotel will also have a full service restaurant.
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