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Shedding Light on The Low Line's Sunshine Spreaders

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One of the key components of the Low Line project is a lighting system that will capture sunlight above ground on Delancey Street, and then pipe it underground and disperse it over the subterranean park. It's no small feat. A|N Blog has some details on the paneled ceiling tessellation that will help spread the captured sunlight below ground.

To disperse the sunlight as far as possible, Jacobs developed a tessellated canopy system made up of 600 ? inch-thick hexagonal and triangular panels laser cut from clear anodized aluminum and bent in a hydraulic press. In an effort to maximize the sunlight's reach, the tessellated curvature is so specialized that no two panels are exactly alike. A fully functional model of the tessellation and collection/dispersal unit will be unveiled to the public at the old Essex Street Market building September 13th.

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