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$4.2M Soho Loft Has No Shortage of Cast Iron Columns

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[Bruno Kearney Architects © Don Perdue.]

Is having a dog lounging around in the listing photos the next big thing in apartment staging? If you think about it in terms of marketing strategies, it's not the worst idea. It does give the place a sense of homeyness that couldn't really be achieved using an actual family, because that would just be weird. If scientists did a scientific study, they would probably determine that people are more likely to be attracted to an apartment if there's a nice looking dog lying on the rug, because people like dogs. Right? Science! But anyway, about this place: it's a 3BR, 2BA with 3,400 square feet asking $4,200,000 and it has a huge amount of cast iron columns. Even in the bathroom. You will never want for a place to chain your bike to or practice your pole dancing moves in this apartment. And yes, it allows pets.

· Listing: 22 Wooster Street #2N [Elliman]