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2nd Floor of 48 Bond Worth More Than the Sum of Its Parts

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You've got some options when it comes to the 2nd floor of 48 Bond. You can buy the half with the huge terrace (#2B) for $2,895,000, or you can buy the half that faces Bond Street (#2A) for $2,700,000, or you can buy both of them together (#2FL) for $5,950,000. The catch: if you're a math genius like us, you'll have already realized that $2.7M plus $2.895M equals $5,595,000, or $355,000 less than the price of the combined units. It must come down to how you phrase it. If you tell the broker, "I will take unit #2A and also unit #2B" you're good. But if you say, "I'd like to buy both units," you're out a few hundred thousand bucks. Also curious: the areas of the two units add up to 3,063 square feet, but the combined unit claims to be 3,162 square feet. So the extra $355K must be for the mystery 99 square feet, which are coming from...where exactly? It's not as though you could knock a wall down to combine the units. This is essentially just two very nice, almost identical apartments back to back. That could actually come in handy if you got into a huge fight with your spouse/roommate (but things would still be awkward when you ran into each at 48 Bond's saltwater pool.)

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