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Walker Tower Gets Scrubbed Down; Rockaway Park Opens

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CHELSEA?There are window washers, and then there are building washers. A tipster sent along these photos of the Walker Tower's brick getting a thorough scrub down. Just six short months ago, this side of the art deco building was getting its windows popped out. You can best see the contrast between the newly cleaned brick and the dingy, dirt-covered brick on the lower left side in the photo above. [Curbedwire Inbox; previously]

ROCKAWAY?Rockaway Beach underwent a $30 million makeover between Beach 9th Street and Beach 32nd Street. The 27-acre, one-mile long green space officially opened today. The new landscaped park has a lawn, shade trees, and natural coastal habitats, as well as a bevy of new recreational features: playgrounds, a performance venue, basketball and handball courts, a 15,700-square-foot skate park, a climbing wall, and a turf field. Previously, the western part of the site was an undeveloped sandy area and the eastern part was dominated by an underutilized parking lot and crumbling sports courts. [Curbedwire Inbox]

Walker Tower

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