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Billiard Factory Racked and Ready for Break in Conversion

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Renderings for the planned Billiard Factory Lofts in Prospect Heights are out in public. The plans, first noted at Brooklynian, are by S3 Architecture, who are attempting to preserve/restore some of the architectural authenticity of the one-time industrial facility while adapting it for residential use. Plans call for the addition of some boxy upper floors and the reshaping of the ground floor facade into a usable form. Per S3:

Industrial architectural elements are restored, including brick walls, concrete columns and beams, preserving the authentic feel of the factory structure. A courtyard was cut into the middle of the structure, and a 3rd and partial 4th floor are to be added.Altogether the project will have 44 loft apartments. The first two floors will feature "lofty, high-ceiling apartments;" The third floor will be duplex lofts with a modern and streamlined style, i.e., not ersatz former-industrial apartments.
· Billiard Factory Lofts' Block Long Convert at Prospect Pl. [Brooklynian]
· Billiard Factory Lofts [S3 Architecture] The Billiard Factory building at 363-71 Prospect Place in Prospect Heights.