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Prime Office Space Available: Under Bridge, Down by River

Of all the places one could imagine to get some some serious work done in this city, the archway under the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo does not jump out as a frontrunner—unless one's serious work is shooting amateur music videos, in which case get in line. Nonetheless, last week the DUMBO Improvement District launched Pop-Up Loosecube, which provides workspace at picnic tables set up in the Brooklyn Bridge Archway. According to DNAinfo, Loosecubes is an office-sharing site where members around the world can gain access to workspace in exchange for providing space to others in their own offices. The archway program is a month-long promotional event, during which Loosecubers can sign up for one of 30 picnic table workspaces under the bridge in Dumbo each Thursday.

Office amenities include cutting edge hipster workplace cred, possible deafness induced by intermittent roaring of trains passing overhead on bridge, and shade from the sun while working outdoors under a bridge overpass. If they set up a pop-up company cafeteria in Stabber Alley, sign us up!

Can you think of any other public spaces in New York that are being underutilized as potential office space? Mention them in the comments or drop us a note at the Tips Line explaining where and why, and we'll see if the Dumbo archway can be just the bleeding edge of a hobo-friendly workspace trend.
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