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French Cocktails to Be Served in Nolita Shake Shack Site?

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It looks like those whispers of "something French" coming to the lot on Prince and Mulberry Street were correct. The Post reports that Paradis Des Fruits, a French cocktail and juice bar, wants to build on the empty site at 47 Prince Street, which was once slated for a Shake Shack. However, the city denied the company's request because the proper application wasn't filed. Apparently, the lot is in an M1-5B zoning district and, and thus "subject to special use regulations that restrict eating and drinking establishments from the ground floor in any building," so a special permit is needed.

The Post mentions that critics are taking issue with plans to build a 28-foot-tall structure on the lot; all of the plans filed with the DOB call for a one-story structure. The DOB filings also reveal that our good friend Gene Kaufman is the architect on the project. This should be fun.
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Photo of the lot in April via All My Nice Things