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Woolworth Building's Top Floors Will Become Luxury Condos

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Step aside, 70 Pine Street. When it comes to office buildings going residential, the Woolworth Building has just won the day. The Times reports that the building's top floors will become 40 luxury apartments. It's not a new idea, but this time there are some firm numbers attached. The building's highest 30 floors sold on July 31 for $68 million, and the owner, an investment group that includes usually-smaller-scale developer Alchemy Properties, plans to take those floors condo by 2015.

As for the apartments themselves, they sound pretty nice! Here's the Times on the planned penthouse:

A five-level penthouse of around 8,000 square feet will be housed in the copper-clad cupola that tops out at 792 feet. Originally designed as a public observation area, the cupola has a wraparound outdoor deck reached by a private elevator.
In the basement of the 1913 Cass Gilbert-designed building is a 55-foot-long pool, and it will be cleaned up and available for residents' use. Owners will also be able to access their apartments through a separate elevator, not the one used by the poor commoners who work on the building's first floors. And those owners will pay for the privilege: prices could be around $3,000/square foot. We're pretty excited to see all this happen! So, anyone planning on buying?
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