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More Affordable Units, Shorter Towers for WaHi Development

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Back in October, Quadriad Realty Partners, the developer who wants to build four apartment buildings in Washington Heights at West 190th Street and Broadway, seemed pretty stubborn about not adding more low income housing or chopping the height of their towers. But now, after several months of negotiations with community leaders and local politicians, Quadriad has succumbed to the pressure of the people. DNAinfo reports that the developer now plans include 184 affordable housing units, up from 160, and the towers will be up to 10 stories shorter than originally proposed.

Quadriad wanted 23 to 39 stories, but the new proposals calls for 29 to 31 stories, which is still higher than the 24 to 28 stories that zoning allows in the area. There will be 350 market rate units and 184 affordable units. There will be 52 units for low-income families who earn $20,400 to $35,800 with rents ranging from $510 for a studio to $895 a month for a 3BR. The 133 moderate-income units, renting from $840 to $1400, will be for families who earn between $33,600 and $56,000. These rates are lower than the affordable rates Quadriad originally included, which were too high for the low income average of neighborhood residents.

Quadriad will also renovate Gorman Park and the 1 train station at 191st Street. Neither HPD or City Planning have received any submissions for land use or zoning yet, but Quadriad is expected to submit plans soon..
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