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Dumbo's Beacon Tower Loses Its Beacon, Sues Developers

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Good luck to the two owners trying to sell apartments at Dumbo's Beacon Tower. They'll probably need it! The building's condo board has just filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn State Supreme Court accusing the developers (Shaya Boymelgreen among them) and architect of all kinds of construction problems, not to mention mail fraud committed after the building received its temporary certificate of occupancy. The Post has a full rundown of the complaints, which include counter tops that are too high, water leaks, and signed documents certifying the existence of fire stops?even though no fire stops had been installed. Whoops! And then there's the trouble with the beacon that gives the building its name.

The building's brokerbabble once promised that the "beacon of light" would "announce Beacon Tower's position at the apex of the DUMBO community" (no matter what J Condo has to say about it). Instead, the beacon went out?and, according to the condo board's lawyer, the residents have no way to access the light in order to fix it. We assume someone already suggested changing the building's name.
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