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Peace Sought in Brooklyn Bridge Cyclist-Pedestrian War

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[Curbed Flickr pool/M Viljoen/Josh Derr]

A peaceful resolution is being sought to end the elevated strife that has plagued the non-motorized boardwalk that spans the Brooklyn Bridge. For years, a tense standoff has existed between speeding reckless cyclists and clueless picture-taking tourists blundering into harm's way. Now, Councilmembers Brad Lander, Margaret Chin, and Stephen Levin, along with transportation advocates, have introduced a plan to double the width of the boardwalk that runs above the bridge's roadway.
Three quarters of the widened thoroughfare would be reserved for pedestrians and one quarter would be dedicated to cyclist traffic in both directions. Input from designers and engineers is being sought to come up with a viable plan that will address the goal of widening the path while maintaining the Brooklyn Bridge's historic character.