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Hotel BPM Drops the Needle and Begins Accepting Guests

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Remember Hotel BPM, the DJ-themed boutique hotel located way out in Sunset Park, Brooklyn? The hotel's opening was like a 78 rpm record slowed to 33 1/3 as months went by since we visited it, but HotelChatter reports that the 4th Avenue joint is now accepting guests and taking requests for its house-wide sound system. One of the hooks at Hotel BPM is that one can request a song when making a reservation, and that track will be added to the hotel's ubiquitous stereo system's playlist for your stay, (each room comes with its own volume knob if you're not into fellow guests' taste in music). The establishment took a few extra months for fine tuning (the initial scheduled opening was in mid-May), but rooms are now available for $206-$269 a night.

Hotel BPM ran a public contest to come up with a name for its signature bed, and the winner was the "Sound Sleeper", which we think is pretty clever considering the theme of the hotel.
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