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It's a Tough Week for Sad Little New York Diners

The former Terminal Diner at 357 West Street is reaching its final destination. The tiny classic-style greasy spoon across from the Hudson is the subject of a post over at ScoutingNY, who found that the diner is suffering a long slow death and speculates that fire will probably be the eventual coup de grace for the building, if evidence of squatters using open flames for light are any indication.

There's always life after the city for an aging diner, or maybe that's just what aging diners tell themselves as they are uprooted and carted off to one-horse towns like LaBarge, Wyoming. That's where Soho's Moondance Diner wound up three years ago. The western pioneers, who we picture trailing the Moondance behind them rather than a conestoga wagon, gave it their best but are now have the diner up for sale for $270K, which is what they owe the bank, according to the Post.
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