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102-Year-Old Canal Street Shop to Be a Single-Family Home

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The E&G Model Shop, a four-story brick building that's stood at 45 Canal Street for more than a century, is being turned into a single family home. Bowery Boogie has been following the building's real estate history since it was put on the market in 2010. The 2,800-square-foot building, with developable air rights, sold for $2.35 million after being listed for more than a year. Scaffolding and netting are currently up on the property, and DOB records show that in February, plans were approved to convert the commercial building into an "exclusive" residence with retail/office space on the ground level. The owner is using the air rights to build a rooftop addition, which will add 508-square-feet of living space. We just hope they leave the charming facade in tact.
· 45 Canal Street to Become Single Family Residence [Bowery Boogie]
Image via Bowery Boogie shows 45 Canal Street in 2010