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New Site Wants to Make it Easier to Move in New York City

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There are plenty of websites designed to alleviate the hassles of finding a new place to live, but not so many that deal with the next step: actually moving there. Enter Unpakt, which allows users to price and book moves. We invented a completely fictitious move from DoBro to Park Slope to test the site out.
Users begin by inputting the basics about where they're moving. Then comes the fun part: choosing your furniture so that the site can estimate your moving costs. We fake-furnished a basic one-bedroom. It got pricey when we added in our fantasy piano, so we took it out.

After furniture, Unpakt asks you to estimate the number of boxes you'll be moving (and provides a guess based on the apartment size you've input) and offers the option of carpenter help with un-installing any built-ins or plasma TVs. That upped the price for our fake DoBro-Slope move to $1,047, so we decided to take care of any carpentry ourselves.

Finally, Unpakt generates a list of movers and prices, complete with grades. The total cost for our fictitious move came out to $861.
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