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FiDi Rental Report; Tour a Historic Floating Home

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT?While Manhattan rents hit a record high in May, rents in the Financial District increased even more than the average. Downtown real estate firm Platinum Properties released a report showing that rents increased in the area because of summer demand and a decrease in inventory. The average studio cost went up 1.7 percent to $2,698, while one- and two-bedroom rents both went up less than one percent, 0.98 percent to $3,724 and 0.07 percent to $5,543, respectively. [Curbedwire Inbox]

ON THE WATER?This Sunday, John Rasp will welcome guest into his historic houseboat home for a special tour. Rasp lives on the 1907 Yankee Ferry, the last remaining Ellis Island Ferry that was used during World War II. Owners Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs renovated and preserved the boat, and Rasp has lived on the boat for a year. Tour guests will learn about the boat's military history?she was equipped with guns and canons and patrolled the Boston Harbor?and talk with the boat team over dessert. Not only will you get to experience an awesome slice of history, but you'll see one of New York's most interesting homes and enjoy sunset views of Manhattan. [Sidetour via Curbedwire Inbox]