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Big Reveal: $875K for a 2BR Co-op Next to The Brooklyn Bridge

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All hail the intoxicating influence of the Brooklyn Bridge, a view of which is enough to completely skew Pricespotter guesses into "well-over" territory. The lowest guess of $875K was actually the correct one, while the average (both mean and median) was $1.32 million (51% above the actual ask) before someone blurted out the identification of the apartment and brought the high-flying fun to a screeching halt. One knowledgeable commenter broke down a key point in valuing properties near the bridge, and this particular property at 28 Old Fulton Street is on the lower-priced side:

Depends which side of the bridge it's on... Fulton St side, I think $900k, Water St side, $1.2m. Fulton St side doesn't seem to command the rates you'd expect for the location. I think there are some great deals to be had if you're planning to stay put for the next decade.Thanks for playing!
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