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Did Jerry Seinfeld Just Buy This UES House? (Probably Not)

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Last year, Jerry Seinfeld was rumored to be looking at Upper East Side townhouses and one of the ones he reportedly visited was 26 East 73rd Street. This week, that same house sold for $21 million ($2 million off its asking price) and the buyer was shielded by an anonymous LLC, which is something that celebrities do when they don't want you writing about them on your real estate blog. Are we saying that Jerry Seinfeld bought this house? Of course not. It's been over a year since he was seen looking at it, and that's more time than most people take to make a decision. But are we saying that Jerry Seinfeld absolutely definitely did not buy this house? We're not saying that either. We're just saying that you could maybe sort of make an argument either way. For instance, if you wanted to create a rumor out of thin air, basing it loosely on another year-old rumor, well, Seinfeld did look at the place once and the buyer is hiding his or her identity. But if you wanted to not argue that, you could just say that there are about a million rich people buying property in New York City right now, which is also a pretty compelling point. Let's just keep our options open.

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26 East 73rd Street

26 East 73rd Street, New York, NY