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Soho's New Spice Warehouse Condos Are Very Mysterious

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In 2010, when Urban Glass House neighbor 481-487 Washington Street sold for $13 million it was rumored that the building could go residential. Well, better late than never: the rumors are confirmed! The building, now calling itself Spice Warehouse (possibly to assuage fears of a smelly neighbor) has been converted into 12 full-floor lofts, which hit the market a couple months ago. Apparently they're not too worried about the smells, though, as half of the units are already in contract and the other half had their prices increased by $300,000 a piece ($400,000 for the penthouse) yesterday. There are photos of only one of the apartments currently available, but they do benefit from a stager who knows what a well-placed horse statue can do for a space. Each of the units is around 3,000 square feet with wood or cast iron columns and a mostly identical floorplan, which makes the pricing seem a little haphazard: #6N is listed for $3,900,000 while its twin, #6S (the numbers assigned to the units are also confusing as each is supposed to take up an entire floor), is going for $4,800,000. The penthouse also has the same floorplan and is listed for $5,250,000. Very mysterious, all of it.

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