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Five New York City Homes Perfect for Guy Fieri

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Celebrity chef Guy Fieri just opened a restaurant in Times Square. Fieri is based in California, but this seems like a perfect opportunity for him to acquire some New York City real estate, and indeed, he tells BlackBook he's thinking about doing just that. The hunt can be grueling, and Fieri's got restaurants to run, so we thought we'd pick out some properties for him. Here now, five places for Fieri to consider. Our criteria: nice kitchens and, since we're dealing with a classic car collector, parking. To the list!

211 Elizabeth Street #4S (above)
The first thing we thought of when we saw Eater's photo of the restaurant's dining room was Roman and Williams' design of 211 Elizabeth Street. The kitchens aren't huge, but they've got that same dark look. And there's a flip on the market now for $2.9 million, which we'd assume is well within Fieri's budget.

158 East 61st Street
It takes a chef to know what a chef needs, perhaps, so we'd send Fieri uptown to Emeril Lagasse's place, which is still asking $13.5 million. It's been de-branded since the first time we looked inside, which could be a disadvantage when marketing to someone who would understand the need for two shelves full of salt.

66 Leonard Street #12B
This unit, designed by architect Alan Ritchie, earned a spot on the Fieri list thanks to its moveable kitchen island, which seemed fun. There's also a 52-foot living room, five bedrooms, and 4.5 bathrooms, plus a building roof garden where Fieri could work on his tan. The ask: $7.95 million.

150 West 15th Street
The mega-townhouse at 150 West 15th Street is no longer on the market, but it doesn't appear to have sold, so we're keeping it on the list. A Curbed operative who attended a Dwell event at the townhouse last year tells us the kitchen is Fieri-worthy. There are a few small photos on the old listing.

One Brooklyn Bridge Park
We're not sure how invested Guy Fieri is in the design of his own kitchen, but if he likes quartz countertops and custom Italian cabinetry, the kitchens in One Brooklyn Bridge park might fit. The biggest unit up for sale now is a 3BR asking $2.595 million.
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