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Borough Park Bowling Alley Could Make Way for Karl Fischer

In one corner for the latest Brooklyn gentrification fight: a beloved and still affordable bowling alley, Maple Lanes in Borough Park. In the other: architect and Curbed commenter punching bag Karl Fischer, whose design for a new synagogue and brick townhouses could be the bowling alley's replacement. The project, which will include 182 apartments, goes before Community Board 12 tonight, and the face-off begins in the pages of today's Post.

The bowling alley's owners argue in their application for a zoning change that the new building would provide "needed housing" for an ever-denser neighborhood and that the growing Jewish population needs the synagogue's event space. Local bowlers are worried about neighborhood leagues and about being priced out of Brooklyn's more expensive bowling spots. On our end, we'd love to see exactly what Karl Fischer has in mind for the site?anyone know? Renderings welcomed.
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