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Who Listed This 3BR In Nora Ephron's Old Building Better?

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Welcome to our feature where we take a co-exclusive listing (an apartment listed by two brokers from different agencies) and ask the question: Who Listed It Better? Send any suggestions in to the tipline.

An apartment in 136 East 79th Street, the Upper East Side white-glove co-op building that Nora Ephron called home from 2008 until her death earlier this year, appeared on the market yesterday, asking $6,650,000. Then it appeared on the market again today, and that leads us to ask: Who Listed It Better?

Elliman Stribling
The Entrance "You enter this special apartment from your private elevator landing which leads to an elegant foyer. You are immediately taken by the exquisite prewar details and gracious proportions." "Distinguished by a private elevator landing where upon entering the foyer, you are immediately drawn to the library with French casement doors and a terrace that overlooks townhouse gardens."
How The Terrace Feels "Sitting on this terrace is delightful!" "You feel like you are in Paris!!"
The Dining Room "The living room leads to the grand formal dining room which has an extra-large triple window from which the sun streams in all day." "From the living room you enter a beautiful formal dining room which has an extra large window and gets sun all day."

This battle is not as close as it would initially appear, which is very, very close. That's because, upon closer inspection, Stribling simply took Elliman's listing and copied it, changing words around in the manner of a junior high school student trying to avoid getting busted for plagiarism. (It might be worth noting that each listing shares one of its brokers, although if she had written both listings she probably would have just copied herself verbatim.) As such, a sentence like, "Sitting on this terrace is delightful!" becomes, "You feel like you are in Paris!!" It would be one thing if Stribling improved the language, but they didn't, really, so this one is going to Elliman.

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